PRECISION: Less waste, more profit. The AXIS Topper is the ultimate in deposit accuracy for all of your dry, flowable toppings. Get uniform distribution across the entire width of the deposit while reducing your topping usage and waste. Our dry ingredient [...]



PRECISION: World-renowned accuracy. The AXIS Salter delivers a reliable and measurable dosing of salt within as little as ±2% of the desired weight. Dispense a uniform layer across the entire width of the deposit while reducing salt usage and waste. Uniquely engineered with a precision-machined [...]



PRECISION: Boost profits. Decrease waste. No surging, starving, bridging, bare spots or streaking with this flour and powder dispenser. The AXIS Duster (US Patent No. 9,545,123) is uniquely engineered for non-stop coverage, evenly distributed across the width of the deposit. Every detail is designed [...]

Topper LT


PRECISION: Boost efficiency. Boost productivity. The AXIS Topper LT is the affordable solution for small, medium, and entry-level bakeries or those who need a 24/7 workhorse to run a dedicated product line without changeovers. Dispense dry free-flowing ingredients accurately and efficiently. Based on the industry-leading [...]



PRECISION: Gentle handling, consistent accuracy. The AXIS Seeder provides even, full-coverage seed depositing without waste or product degradation. The accuracy of this system makes all patterns possible. Deposit seeds on round buns with no pan clean-up. Switch to a square deposit [...]

360 Topper


PRECISION: From every angle. The uniquely engineered AXIS 360 Topper is critical for consistent, in-line top and bottom enrobing of all types of dry toppings. When tumbling your product is undesirable or not an option, coat your product in a uniform, even layer. Top [...]

Rake Topper


PRECISION: Even coverage, minus clumping. The AXIS Rake Topper is designed to separate and evenly distribute moist or sticky product with precision and accuracy. Fingers mounted on servo-driven eccentric shafts comb through product to eliminate clumping without product degradation. Distribute an even [...]