PRECISION: Less waste, more profit. The AXIS Topper is the ultimate in deposit accuracy for all of your dry and semi-moist toppings. Get uniform distribution across the entire width of the deposit while reducing your topping usage and waste. Our dry [...]



PRECISION: World-renowned accuracy. The AXIS Salter delivers a reliable and measurable dosing of salt within as little as ±2% of the desired weight. Dispense a uniform layer across the entire width of the deposit while reducing salt usage and waste. Uniquely engineered with a precision-machined [...]



PRECISION: Boost profits. Decrease waste. No surging, starving, bridging, bare spots or streaking with this flour and powder dispenser. The AXIS Duster (US Patent No. 9,545,123) is uniquely engineered for non-stop coverage, evenly distributed across the width of the deposit. Every detail is designed [...]

Topper LT


PRECISION: Boost efficiency. Boost productivity. The AXIS Topper LT is the affordable solution for small, medium, and entry-level bakeries or those who need a 24/7 workhorse to run a dedicated product line without changeovers. Dispense dry free-flowing ingredients accurately and efficiently. Based on the industry-leading [...]



PRECISION: Gentle handling, consistent accuracy. The AXIS Seeder provides even, full-coverage seed depositing without waste or product degradation. The accuracy of this system makes all patterns possible. Deposit seeds on round buns with no pan clean-up. Switch to a square deposit [...]

360 Topper


PRECISION: From every angle. The uniquely engineered AXIS 360 Topper is critical for consistent, in-line top and bottom enrobing of all types of dry toppings. When tumbling your product is undesirable or not an option, coat your product in a uniform, even layer. Top [...]

Rake Topper


PRECISION: Even coverage, minus clumping. The AXIS Rake Topper is designed to separate and evenly distribute moist or sticky product with precision and accuracy. Fingers mounted on servo-driven eccentric shafts comb through product to eliminate clumping without product degradation. Distribute an even [...]