Project Description

Vacuum Conveyor
Vacuum Conveyor

ADVANTAGES: Gentle, trouble-free conveying.

The AXIS Vacuum Conveyor is a self-generating vacuum transfer system for your fine powders and free-flowing materials. It’s a mess-free, economical solution that does not rely on plant air to function. The canister design minimizes product damage and separation, even for denser products and mixed blends like multi grains or cinnamon sugar.

FEATURES: Minimize waste. Maximize productivity.

This pneumatic conveyor features a self-generating vacuum blower and self-cleaning filtration system for continuous flow and maximum usage of material. The transferred product is collected in a portable reclaim hopper fitted with a vibratory screener to separate clumps. The vacuum blower transfers new and recovered toppings on an as-needed basis, minimizing product waste and increasing productivity. Choose from two standard options: a mini blower designed for local transport and a remote blower package for use with multiple lines.

INNOVATION at a glance:

  • Customizable conveying length and volume
  • No plant-air is required
  • Quick disassembly allows for speedy replacement of parts and easy maintenance
  • A unique, self-cleaning filtration system ensures maximum usage of material
  • Low product levels automatically detected and refilled
  • Fully adjustable and programmable rates
  • Can be used as a refill and reclaim hopper as a recovery system for non-applied toppings
  • Optional separate blower packages available for maximum conveying capacity
  • Built for easy integration with AXIS bulk handling systems including AXIS Bulk Bag Unloader and Bag Dump Station


  • Sugars
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Seasonings
  • Seeds
  • Jimmies
  • Chocolate chips
  • Diced nuts
  • Coconut flakes
  • Dried vegetable and fruit pieces
  • And more