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Project Description

PRECISION: Hit the bullseye every time.

Lightly mist dough before seeding. Knife-like bread splitting. Ultra-low water misting on rice cakes before seasoning or hi-speed oil spraying of baking pans. It’s all about precision, and AXIS® Spraying Systems are designed to deliver.

Not all oil sprayers are created alike. Consistently applying the proper volume of liquid that provides complete coverage and minimal waste is a challenge. Air atomized or hydraulic? High-frequency pulsing nozzles or continuous flow? Bakeries require precise control of liquid flow to ensure costly coatings are applied with quality and throughput in mind.

Apply product only where it’s needed, when it’s needed. With AXIS Spraying Systems, dispensing precision is always on target.

FLEXIBILITY: We’ve got you covered.

Whether it be targeting baking pan cavities, or a wide spray angle for sheeted product, AXIS Sprayers come in a variety of nozzle and pump styles for custom tailored spraying profiles to fit your application. Non-stick coatings, batter on French toast, freeze barrier coatings on frozen foods, color and flavor coatings dispense consistent, reliable and repeatable patterns. Spray applications like egg wash, butter, oil, chocolates and glazes with ease. Our spray designs make cleaning and sanitation easy. When combined with our robust and sanitary conveyor designs, AXIS offers you complete, turn-key “solutions.”

INNOVATION at a glance:

  • Controlled application of oils and other liquids
  • Ultra-low rates of application
  • Simple and reliable operation
  • Uniform coverage across band width
  • Dispenses in a consistent, reliable, repeatable pattern
  • Reclaim system is tolerant of salt, crumbs & debris in liquid
  • Easy maintenance
  • Overspray recovery and mist elimination
  • Top-only, bottom-only and top & bottom spray
  • Easy to clean, sanitize
  • Viscous and nonviscous coatings
  • Reduce product scrap from over/under application of coatings


  • Coatings: egg wash, butter, oil, chocolate, sugar, flavors
  • Greasing baking pans
  • Oil on baked snacks
  • Water spray for adhesion
  • Egg Washes
  • Butter on French bread
  • Flavor application
  • Vitamin application
  • Use with coating drums
  • Chocolate and glazes
  • Over conveyor applications
  • Conveyor cleaning
  • And more