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Project Description

ADVANTAGES: Safety. Ease. Efficiency.

It’s in the bag! AXIS® Bulk Bag Unloaders provide so much more than handling product dust. Transfer ingredients with the highest standards of sanitation, safety, and convenience. Rugged design creates a framework that offers the ultimate stability and operator safety, customized to meet your needs.

FEATURES: Fully-loaded.

Purposefully engineered with everything from neoprene bag seals to heavy-duty, four-inch, tubular stainless steel framework for maximum corrosion resistance and easy wash down. Efficient transfer and easy integration with volumetric and gravimetric feeders create a complete and accurate system to meter bulk bag supplied material. Independently certified design features bag tensioning, electric hoists, pneumatic or electric agitation, lump breakers and product level sensors.

INNOVATION at a glance:

  • Quiet operation
  • Suitable for all bulk bag types and sizes–up to six feet high and two tons in weight
  • Electric hoist trolley to position bags for dispensing
  • Lump breaker to reduce material sizes to 1/2″ or smaller
  • Full dust control
  • Gull-wing agitator paddles to increase flow of product
  • Low product level sensor positioned below the lump breaker to sound alarm if material is low
  • Certified design with easy-access door
  • Designed to discharge poor flowing materials
  • Air cylinders enable bag agitation to be cycled automatically based on a programmable time cycle