ADVANTAGES: Warm up to even coverage and continuous flow.

AXIS Warming Tanks provide precise temperature control of all icings, chocolates, caramels, glazes and more to maximize the useable life of the product. Quickly raise your icing or glaze to the ideal operating temperature without creating hot or cold spots. Minimize water loss through evaporation and maintain optimal icing viscosity for continuous flow and even coverage. The consistent mixing action inside the tank ensures a homogenous blend of ingredients. Warming tanks can be dedicated to one icing bath or used to fill multiple units at a time. These self-contained tanks can also be used to heat neighboring equipment. Lower the temperature of the tank at the end of a shift to act as an overnight storage vessel.

FEATURES: Don’t settle for lukewarm results.

Every element of an AXIS Warming Tank is designed with temperature consistency in mind. The on-board, self-contained heater and water-jacketed piping throughout the system maintain temperatures within ±2°F. The triple-layer tank design is comprised of an inner sanitary layer, a jacketed middle layer and an insulated outer layer. Inside the tank, internal rotating paddles continuously sweep the tank walls to prevent icing build-up. The flexible, staggered paddle design adjusts to minor surface imperfections. Warming tanks come with an integrated stainless-steel PD pump designed to minimize shear and overworking of the product.

INNOVATION at a glance:

  • Dispenses at efficient, consistent rates equal to the rate at which product is consumed
  • Does not create hot or cold spots when adjusting temperature
  • Temperature can be lowered so the tank serves as a storage vessel
  • Flexible sidewall scrapers adjust to minor imperfections
  • Integrated PD pump minimizes shear and overworking of product
  • Triple-walled design ensures precise temperature control
  • Easily integrates with AXIS Drizzlers, Half Icers, and Glazers
  • Can be dedicated to one icing bath or used to fill multiple units at a time
  • Choose from several standard or custom agitator designs


  • Icings
  • Glazes
  • Fondants
  • Chocolates
  • Caramels
  • Syrups
  • And more