1 Precisely align. Automatically aligns donuts before they enter the injection line. 2 Fill faster. Ultimate flexibility. Top or side injection. Rings, shells, donut holes or Long Johns. 3 Iced or glazed? Patent-pending Half-icer and Glazing deliver like no [...]



PRECISION: Hit the bullseye every time. Lightly spray dough before seeding. Grease baking pans. Mist rice cakes with water before seasoning. It’s all about precision, and AXIS Spraying Systems are designed to deliver. Bakeries require precise control over liquid flow to ensure that costly [...]



RUBBER-BELTED Unique scraper design ensures the belt is consistently clean. Gravity take-up rollers maintain correct tension as belt stretches. Smallest diameter nose radius in the industry for precise transfers. WIRE MESH A standard in the industry for reclaim of dry toppings [...]



PRECISION: Pumping the "un-pumpable." AXIS extruding equipment is engineered to accurately pump and extrude virtually any medium to high viscosity product. The key to precise extrusion is high torque, low shear and tight tolerances achieved with large, right-angle stuffing rollers, counter-rotating synchronized augers and precision-machined [...]



PRECISION: Fill flawlessly. Distinctively deposit. For accurate depositing of dense or aerated mixes, batters and doughs, look no further than AXIS bakery depositing and filling equipment. Engineered for fast, accurate, and consistent results. Servo motors drive feed rollers and lobed pumps for volumetric accuracies of [...]