SEASONING SYSTEM AXIS Seasoning Systems accurately apply liquid coatings and dry seasonings to all types of snacks and baked goods such as popcorn, chips and more. The gentle rotating action of the drum ensures that each piece gets evenly coated for consistent taste and visual appeal. Our [...]



MINI TART LINE The AXIS Mini Tart 500 produces tarts of every shape and size at rates of up to 60 cycles per minute. Get the precise control and efficiency of a fully automated line without sacrificing authentic quality. DEPOSITING Deposit all types [...]



DONUT DECORATING SYSTEM The AXIS Donut Decorating System is the most advanced decorating and finishing system on the market. Streamline your process, reduce cost and produce better-looking donuts at rates of up to 7,200 pieces/hr. INJECTION Fully automated injection from the top, side, [...]



PRECISION: Chocolates to candies, pattern perfect. From simple to complex patterns, the AXIS Drizzler delivers exceptional string icing every time. Stainless steel positive displacement pumps and automatic nozzle purging keep everything free-flowing. Look forward to easy clean-up, minimal waste and boosts in [...]

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