PRECISION: Injecting profit into your process. For perfectly filled donuts, cakes, muffins, bread and pastries, upgrade to fully-automated injecting equipment. Boost accuracy and productivity with the high-speed, precision filling of an AXIS injection system. Engineered with precision in mind. Servo-controlled ball screws [...]



PRECISION: Boost profits. Decrease waste. No surging, starving, bridging, bare spots or streaking with this flour and powder dispenser. The AXIS Duster (US Patent No. 9,545,123) is uniquely engineered for non-stop coverage, evenly distributed across the width of the deposit. Every detail is designed [...]



PRECISION: Pumping the "un-pumpable." AXIS extruding equipment is engineered to accurately pump and extrude virtually any medium to high viscosity product. The key to precise extrusion is high torque, low shear and tight tolerances achieved with large, right-angle stuffing rollers, counter-rotating synchronized [...]

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